Architecture of Survival

You. Me. Things Oświecenie, czyli tu i teraz

Project is devoted to the nomadic architecture from the Greek island of Samothrace, a place well known to local “defectors from civilization” and “inner émigrés”, but also an island located in the close vicinity of transit routes chosen by refugees from Turkey.
The enigmatic architecture of deserted huts seems to be in dialogue with the vision of emigration and search for home/asylum, a search for a safe haven, a place of temporary relief – vision paradigmatic of the times we live in. Let us imagine that this is a post-apocalyptic world (after a catastrophic nuclear event, after a great war) where mankind is largely extinct, the survivors forced to seek shelter in dwellings which they build without tools, with whatever is at hand. Forced to begin anew, from start, without the ballast of several thousand years of history. Reduced to the primal gestures. In this vision of history, in which the end joins the beginning, it is unclear if we are dealing with regression or the image of a new, different world.